I've been making some changes to my life and work. It's been an improvement to my overall mental health and I'm looking forward to what comes out the other end of all of these changes.

In this issue, you'll find more thoughts on John Deere's assault on the Right to Repair, and some interesting links about licensing issues.

On [objc-retain];, Graham and I decided to take a project idea and use it to drive improvements to the tools that will make macOS software porters lives easier: XCake, xcodeproj, buildtool, and libs-xcode. And hopefully, something useful that enhances the GNUstep desktop effort will result.

I am thinking about a video series, where I tell stories about my life in software. Bite sized pieces: 20-60 minutes of random stories of my career. Please email if you think you'd enjoy this, it'll help me motivate myself to get started on it.

I'm still getting the hang of this, thanks to everyone who has subscribed already. Please share.


Right to Repair

More on the John Deere Problem

My analytics show that nobody gives a shit about John Deere or the problems they create and/or exemplify.

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